Thieme Teaching Assistant: Anatomy Demonstration
Try the advanced features of the Thieme Teaching Assistant

This demonstration section allows you to experience the advanced editing features of the Thieme Teaching Assistant. Three of the site's more than 3500 images can be accessed, and image export (to PowerPoint and PDF files) is not available.

Clicking on any of the three image thumbnails below will take you to the Image Editor, where you can turn image labels and leader lines on and off, zoom the image, and move the image around in the editor window. If you were an authorized user of the site, additional features, such as saving your edited images and exporting the image files for use in your educational materials would be available. More information about the functionality of the Image Editor is available by clicking on the Quick Tips menu item or on the image in the bottom left of this page.

Demonstration Images (click an image to begin):

Fig. 8.1 A
Pleural cavity.
Pleural cavities and lungs projected onto thoracic skeleton. Anterior view.
Fig. 25.11
Right knee joint in flexion.
Anterior view with joint capsule and patella removed.
Fig. 33.6
Arteries of the orbit.
Superior view of the right orbit.

Demonstration export downloads:

The following are sample image exports of the demonstration images above. Authorized users of the Thieme Teaching Assistant are able to export any of the thousands of images on the site in personalized collections in PDF, PowerPoint, and image formats, or download one by one straight to desktop



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